Lisa Toussaint

Gospel Instructor
Lisa Toussaint, a Toronto native, has been an active member in the gospel
music community for many years.

As the director of The University of Toronto Gospel Choir she has had the opportunity to travel to Japan, Germany, Sweden and Barbados.

Formally trained at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music and Humber College, performing arts jazz specialty programs, Lisa’s musical background is quite diverse.

As a developing artist she has lent her talents to several groups in Toronto and has both arranged and sung on numerous recordings. An accomplished pianist and vocalist, Lisa has been able to share through her gift of teaching. Included in this list of credentials is her role as producer of The University of Toronto Gospel Choir’s award-winning debut cd entitled “Send Me”. In addition, Lisa has also produced the debut cd for a prominent performing arts choir – The Toronto Children’s Concert Choir (TC3).

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