Madoka Murata

Founder & Director

Madoka is the creator and director of Discovery Through The Arts.

With 45 years of teaching experience, Madoka is exceptionally equipped to effectively tackle the challenges presented by a broad array of learning styles and differences — a benefit to all students, and especially to those who have cognitive, emotional and/or physical difficulties or delays, students who are on the autism spectrum, as well as students who are extremely gifted.

An accomplished pianist, visual artist, and martial artist, Madoka draws on her vast experience and intense interest in many arts areas, to inform and inspire her teaching.  Developing this multidisciplinary approach has enabled her to more effectively address her students’ diverse needs, as it allows communication with the students through more avenues and ways of thinking, while also encouraging creativity and thinking outside-of-the-box.

Alongside her own teaching, over two decades ago she initiated a Teach-to-Learn program, through which her students can work through an apprenticeship of teaching to become instructors themselves.

In more recent years, her continued drive to inspire and educate youth has led to the launch of community outreach activities and partnerships of Discovery Through The Arts with various organizations across the GTA, bringing the joy and power of music to groups of disadvantaged youth through the talents, skills, and energy of the DTTA programs and team.

Madoka’s firm belief in “creating and developing human beings — not performance machines” continues to nurture her ever-growing family of students, musicians and artists.

Having experienced firsthand the power of the arts to heal, Madoka has a profound appreciation for the ability of the arts to bring not only beauty to people’s lives, but to strengthen, from a deeper level, the health of the mind and the person as a whole ~ In her words, it is “one of the most joyful ways to exercise one’s mental stamina, as well as to enrich one’s soul.”

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