Norbert Botos

Senior Instructor
Born in Hungary, Budapest July 28th 1994, Norbert Botos was born into a musical family.

His father Frank Botos, a well-known drummer and musician, influenced Norbert’s musical journey at a young age. After Norbert’s father noticed his love and talent for the drums, he started sitting Norbert in at his gigs where he learned a great deal on the bandstand.

Norbert has spent time studying at Humber College and Berklee College of Music studying with Barry Romberg and Terry Lyne Carrington. He has also won numerous awards including The Archie Alleyne Scholarship, The Lou Williamson Scholarship for Outstanding Drum Set Player Award and The Rising Young Star Award.

Norbert lives in Toronto and performs regularly with his own projects. He has had the chance to perform with musicians such as: Mike Murley, Neil Swainson, Mark Eisenman, Oliver Jones, John Lamb, Dave Young, Kelly Jefferson, Alex Goodman, Stephen Hall, Lucian Gray, Alison Au, Pat LaBarbara and many more.

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