Sam Pomanti

Senior Instructor

Sam Pomanti is a multi-faceted musician whose sounds have been steadily spreading across the country.

Sam’s deep passion for music has led him to create and be a part of several diverse projects. Pomanti can be found singing, playing keyboards, guitar, writing and/or producing in the several groups he’s associated with: from writing, arranging, producing and performing all the music as Kitsuna, an electronic R&B project, to being the frontman, keyboardist and principal songwriter in Moonhead, a seven-piece popfunk band.

His other two projects see him act as a keyboard player for two very diverse and talented artists: pop/alt-rock rising star Scott Helman, and with Canadian rock legend Kim Mitchell.

In the past, Sam has played with the likes of Nikki Yanofsky, Ed Sheeran, John Scofield, Mike Stern and more.

Sam is very grateful for the opportunities he has been blessed with, and constantly works to improve himself as an artist and as a musician at large.

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